Company Directory

InstaHR provides a directory that serves as a repository for every employee’s profile. Each individual can access a basic employee directory to search their colleagues. Latitudinal and longitudinal tracking of all kind of employee information is just a click away!


Company Repository

Profiling and sifting number of employees takes a major chunk of HR time and requires constant updating and coming through piles of data. Most businesses have been filing cabinet for years, InstaHR have a platform where a large amount of data is stored.


Quick Actions

Our Company Directory’s intuitively designed interface allows you to carry out quick actions for any profile, with a couple of clicks. Change managers, departments, or even deactivate employees. What’s even better, you can make these changes in bulk for multiple employees!


Easy Access

Easy access anytime, anywhere! We understand connectivity better than most companies. This makes us cutting edge in everything we do, intuitive in user experience and responsive in design techniques. From tablet to a smartphone, we snugly fit everywhere.

company policy

Company Policies

Because it’s important that all your employees know about your documented set of guidelines, formulated after an analysis of all internal and external factors that can affect the company, you can upload the policy documents and every employee can access it.