Shift Manager

Creating shift profiles can be mundane for HR professionals.  InstaHR allows you to create and manage shifts for all kinds of profiles across teams. Depending on the role type, you can assign shifts to your human resources based on employee type, domain, department, geographical location and even individually. All threaded into one!

Flexible Shift Rules

InstaHR fits your organizational needs like a glove. You can customize and configure various office locations, attendance shifts, and define attendance cycles. You can also define flexible timing, minimum work hours, overtime, weekly leaves. All tailored to your needs!


Leave Management

You can setup different type of leaves as per your requirement. The manager approval process has been introduced to ensure each leave is granted after sincere review.


Leave Balance Dashboard

Confused about how much leaves you are left with? Just take an instant look at your dashboard. The display counters help you to track leave history and current leave status . It’s all about staying up to date!


Leave Policies

We all work in an intricate web of leave policies that have several offshoots depending on the role. InstaHR factors in myriad policies and lets you create and manage complex leave policies with ease.

company policy

Work From Home

Already have a biometric system that does all the clocking? No need to do away with it. Being browser-based, our app enables you to eliminate all machinery for physical attendance management. Your employees can easily log in and out from the comfort of their browsers, and then managers can approve it.

Biometric Device

We provide biometric devices to companies using InstaHR. These devices are designed to integrate directly with our cloud-based servers, giving you real time data about who has clocked in and out of your office. Once you’re on-board, you will be getting a real time insights and notifications to analyze your human resource behavior.